Measuring System GripTester

Measuring system GripTester
according to the Instruction Manual for Skid Resistance Testing with the Longitudinal Friction Coefficient method (GripTester®)

Measuring principle:

  • High-speed measuring system (in towing mode; alternatively, pushing mode at walking speed is possible as well)
  • Fixed slip of the measuring wheel (15%)
  • Measuring wheel vertically strained with 250 N
  • Linear, continuous data recording
  • Minimum measuring resolution: 16 cm

Quality assurance:

  • Time-limited approval through BASt-accredited institution
  • External monitoring every four months
  • Driver training
  • Monthly self-monitoring
  • Comparative testing by the Association for quality in skid resistance testing (GGM)
  • Camera-controlled data recording

Fields of application:

  • Road surface measurements, primarily in the municipal road network and the secondary road network
  • Measurements in pedestrian areas, cycle ways, paving and slab surfaces
    (towing mode or pushing mode)
  • Measurements of cross-sections (in pushing mode)
  • Skid resistance testing of road markings

Measuring Conditons:

  • Temperature of the measuring object surface: minimum of 5 °C up to a maximum of 50 °C
  • Water temperature (in the water tank): minimum of 8 °C up to a maximum of 25 °C
Messung mit dem GripTester im Rahmen der Vergleichsfahrt 2010
Prinzipskizze des GripTesters [AP LFCG]
Unteransicht des GripTesters [AP LFCG]