Measuring System SKM

Measuring system Seiten-Kraft-Messverfahren SKM (Sideway Force Measurement)
in compliance with TP Griff-StB (SKM) and ZTV ZEB-StB

Measuring Principle:

  • High-speed measuring system
  • Skewed test wheel (20°)
  • Wheel load 1960 N
  • Linear, continuous data recording
  • Measuring resolution: 1m

Quality assurance:

  • Annual approval issued by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
  • External monitoring every three months by Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
  • Driver training
  • Monthly self-monitoring
  • Camera-controlled data recording
  • Comparative testing by the Association for quality in skid resistance testing

Fields of application:

  • Measurements in the scope of road surface building contracts
    (ZTV Asphalt-StB, ZTV Beton-StB, ZTV BEA-StB and complementary country-specific regulations)
  • Maintenance management including road condition assessment according to Road Monitoring and Assessment ZEB as well as assessment of road surface in accident-prone areas
    (ZTV ZEB-StB, Guideline M BGriff)

Measuring Conditions:

  • Temperature of the road surface: minimum of 5 °C up to a maximum 50 °C
  • Air temperature: minimum of 5 °C
  • Water temperature: minimum of 8 °C up to a maximum 25 °C
Prinzipskizze des SKM
Messvorrichtung des SKM
Messung der Griffigkeit mit dem SKM auf einer Autobahn