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srt pendel

Skid Resistance Tester / Pendulum

Combined Friction Measurement: Measuring system Skid Resistance Tester (SRT) and Outflow meter according to Moore
in compliance with TP Griff-StB (SRT) 04 including the modifcation due to the ministerial circular ARS 19/2010 dated 2010-08-27, DIN EN 13036-3, DIN EN 13036-4, and DIN EN 14231

Measuring Principle:

  • Measurement of selected points (length of measuring area 125 mm up to 127 mm)
  • Measurement of microtexture with SRT (Skid Resistance Tester)
  • Measurement of macrotexture with outflow meter

Quality assurance:

  • Annual calibration of the device by calibration laboratories officially approved by BASt
  • User qualification training by the calibration laboratories
  • Self-monitoring

Fields of application:

  • Measurement in the scope of road surface building contracts
    (ZTV Asphalt-StB, ZTV Beton-StB, ZTV BEA-StB and complementary country-specific regulations)
  • Measurement of small surfaces (foot- and cycle paths, road markings, block and slab paving, pedestrian areas as stairs or crossings, platforms etc.)
  • Road condition assessment and assessment of road surface in accident-point areas (Guideline M BGriff)
  • On site testing or laboratory testing of samples as well as prefabricated components

Measuring conditions:

  • Road surface:
    • Temperature: minimum of 10 °C up to a maximum of 40 °C
    • Gradient not more than 10 %
  • Air temperature: minimum of 10 °C up to a maximum of 40 °C
  • Water temperature: not more than air temperature ± 15 K
  • Temperature of the slider: minimum of 5 °C up to a maximum of 40 °C
srt pendel